Consummate Litigator & Advocate

In December 2008, my wife Tracey and I were injured in an automobile accident in Virginia. Tracey was seriously injured and it took doctors almost nine months to determine the specific cause to all of her medical conditions. During this time, we were referred by a friend to Richard Silber for counsel as to our rights and possible claim for both our physical and property loses. We met with Mr. Silber and were impressed with his kind heart, compassion, and professionalism in reviewing our predicament. We subsequently retained Mr. Silber to represent us and pursue our case through legal channels and the insurance companies. Mr. Silber never promised us anything he could not deliver and was a man of action and not words. Mr. Silber navigated us through this complicated legal process which resulted in a substantial settlement for both of us.
In April 2013, I was regrettably involved in another automobile accident in the District of Columbia in which I was rear ended by another driver. I suffered multiple injuries which ultimately required two surgeries and loss time at work. Due to the nature of the injuries, I retained Mr. Silber once again. Mr. Silber went above and beyond the call of duty in representing me and I was awarded another substantial settlement.

It was unfortunate we met Mr. Silber under these circumstances, however, he is a consummate litigator and advocate for his clients. Mr. Silber was always available at any time to answer our questions and guide us during these difficult times. I have referred several other individuals to Mr. Silber for counsel. Each one of those individuals were extremely pleased with Mr. Silber and his services. I would highly recommend Mr. Silber to anyone in need of an attorney to pursue their case and determine their legal rights.

As a 35+ year veteran in law enforcement, I take recommending anyone very seriously and have no doubt Mr. Silber is a man of integrity and will do his utmost to handle your claim and seek justice for your family.

-Mark & Tracy M.

Caring, Focused on Results

We hired Richard F. Silber to help us in the case of an injury of our young child due to gross negligence during a summer camp activity. Richard F. Silber did a marvelous job walking us through the process, demonstrating responsiveness, building trust with us as a family, always putting the care of our child first, while at the same time providing excellent professional, targeted, knowledgeable legal service. Richard F. Silber was always result-focused, knew the law like no one else, and hence managed to successfully and positively resolve the case in record time. I have subsequently recommended Richard F. Silber to a friend who had the misfortune to need his services following a car accident injury, and I heard his services were top-notch with her as well. I therefore recommend Richard F. Silber, PLLC wholeheartedly. You would be lucky to have him as your lawyer.

-Benjamin H.

Thorough Legal Advice

At some point in each of our lives, there comes the need for expert legal advice, as was the case for me back in 2008. When I addressed that need for expert legal advise to a friend, they immediately uttered the words Richard F. Silber. From the time of the initial call, Mr. Silber and his staff has given me the utmost thorough legal advise possible regarding the issue at hand. To date, this firm has managed several matters for me and my family, all with expert detail, politeness, and professionalism. Their mannerisms in speaking with you is equal to the comforts of a close family member. I trust their words and judgments completely and would recommend them to anyone.

-Charles C.

Beyond Five Star

I rated Mr. Silber's services higher than a five. The quality is very professional and friendly. He is very knowledgeable and caring in any situation. I lost my husband in an unexpected situation. I didn't know where to turn for help. Mr. Silber and his staff handled my case, leaving me time to focus on other things. I would highly recommend his law firm. Mr. Silber's law firm will keep you updated though the whole process of your case. He is honest and will return phone calls.

-Gail W.

Always a Positive Outcome

Outstanding quality, highly professional, respectful, sensitive, client driven, timely and always a positive outcome. Bravo!!

-Felix N.

High Quality

The kind of legal services my family and I received from Mr. Richard Silber's office is incomparable with other law firms. I will continue referring his legal services to all of my family members, friends, associates and so on.

-Oluwole A.

The Best

Richard shared with me his personal phone number and dealt with me on a personal level.

-Baher A.

Good Person, Good Attorney

Rich is a very good person and a very good attorney.

-Ronald T.

Consistent Service

Did a great job once again.

-Tenel W.